The start of something

So a few years ago, I thought to myself: I’m in college, I love to travel, I love the good life, and I love to cook. And then I thought: this combination doesn’t make for a lot of money/fancy kitchen tools/stocked kitchen. So what will become of it all?

Well, I kept on cooking, and traveling, and not making so much money, and loving the good life. And I learned that you can have it all- as long as you learn the ropes. Being a bootleg gourmand means taking the “fancy” and making it your own. With food it means making whatever you want, but changing it up with whatever you have. With travel it means going wherever you want- but on the fly. You get the idea.

I’ve wandered through the US, South Africa, Namibia and Europe over the past few years, among other places. I don’t usually take very much with me- just a bag or two. I buy as few cooking supplies as I can when I land and I let the adventures begin. Now, I’m living in Israel and working as a PA for a busy CEO, which is an adventure all in itself. But the cooking and the hilarity continue.

That’s what I’ll try to do here as the bootleg gourmand- some cooking, some improvising, and a lot of random hilarity.


One response to “The start of something

  1. Julie and Julia a bit??
    ❤ 🙂

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