This isn’t the way it seems, I promise…

I think it’s best to be up front about this: I kind of have a crush on this food blog. I make everything Alice loves, and I love everything she makes. (Except the things with shrimp or pork in them, because I keep kosher. Well, I love them too. I just can’t make them.) But wait! Before you go thinking I’m one of those foodie-bloggie-types, let me assure you that despite the fact that you are reading me talk about a food blog, on a food blog of my own, I am not into this at all. Except for her blog. And now my own. The end.

(p.s. Be warned: Alice advertises her blog as “everyday recipes from an everyday home cook.” I guess they all seem that way to her because she is super talented and has access to many fun kitchen tools. Not to worry-versions replete with substitutions will appear here in the days to come.)


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